Complete solutions
from a single source

Conception, planning, civil engineering, assembly, material and components – you receive all services conveniently from a single source. We are continuously optimizing our processes in order to keep the total operating costs as low as possible.

We are not a supplier,
but partners

We see ourselves as your partner and are at your side from the first conversation to the commissioning of your fiber optic network. Our experts will help you to find the optimal solution for your application.

and sure

With the latest technology, the latest working methods and many years of experience, we guarantee that your fiber optic project will run efficiently and safely.

Solutions for FTTH-Projects:

⋅ Planning and development

⋅ Technical project management

⋅ Civil engineering and installation

⋅ Maintenance and expansion

⋅ Communication

1. Planning and development of a fiber optic project

With our specialist knowledge and competencies gained through many years of experience, we are at your side from the first consultation. Our experts advise you and develop a solution that is adapted to your specific needs, circumstances and areas of application.

  • Overview planning
  • Detailed planning
  • Conception of the technical implementation
  • Obtaining official approvals

2. Technical project management

Our experts are on site for you and ensure a safe and efficient project flow.

  • Project management
  • On-site coordination
  • Project acceptance
  • Final documentation

3. Civil engineering and installation

Using the most modern methods of special civil engineering, the fiber optic cables are laid underground within a very short time. The impairments for the residents are kept as low as possible.

  • Civil engineering work to insert the empty pipes
  • Blowing in the fiber optic light guide
  • Fusion splicing work
  • Installation and activation of the connections


If the empty pipe network is available, the glass fibers are blown in. This is usually done without drafts, which is associated with short installation times. Here, the cable is transported by an air stream at high speed. With this method there is almost no friction even in bends, the cable is protected and quickly laid. With this method we can achieve very long injection lengths and high average results over days, weeks or months, even with the most difficult routes. Once the fibers have been blown in, they are configured in the respective control cabinets.


For each house to be connected, a reserved fiber optic package is laid up to the property line and then on the property of the participant up to the house. Both small excavations and trenchless methods are used on the participant’s property.

4. Maintenance and expansion

In addition to setting up an FTTH network we take care of follow-up connections as well Maintenance or repair work existing networks.

5. Communikation

Service for everything to do with your project: To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we offer a wide range of communication services relating to a project. Our employees coordinate appointments with customers, take calls from residents and provide answers to questions about the project.

Are you looking for an intelligent solution for your fiber optic project?

One of our experts will be happy to advise you in order to find the optimal solution for your individual project.